Kafes Fırın set out on its adventure in 1994 with a small sales unit, producing homemade desserts for cafés in Ankara. For its much-valued customers, to become an important part of the journey that ties east and west of the city Kafes Fırın continually developed itself and became an Ankara classic in time.





Kafes Firin, lets franchisee to use the brand name. The main company produces products. Franchisee serves under the brand name and symbols of Kafes Firin. Franchisee invests and has an active role in the operations. The power of supervision of the Franchisor is the firm contract between the two parties. 


  • The procedure of Kafes Firin while hiring and training the personnel should be applied
  • Advertising materials are created, organized and monitored by Kafes Firin. Kafes Firin is responsible for developing advertisement and promotional activities, which will be shared with the franchisee.
  • Keeping effective and consistent records are important factors that an entrepreneur should learn. Keeping consistent records will have an affirmative affect on tax load at the end of the year. By creating dispatch lists, keeping cancelled lunch vouchers, and payment receipts, it will be possible to keep an effective record. The expenditure items should be hold and those should be convenient with the regulations.
  • It is advised that, at the beginning the franchisee should consult to an accountant or a consultancy agency. 
  • Inspite of this guide, there are other obligations under the industrial law, law of obligations, law of social insurance and public health law in Turkey.


Advantages of Franchising:

  • Using the already established brand and the successful techniques of the brand.
  • Using an already established Know- How
  • Operating an existing customer profile
  • Having the products that are going to be prepared by the main company and keeping the standard quality of the products.
  • Having the decorations and interior architecture design by the main company.
  • Having an existing supplier relationship.
  • Having the existing advertising agency and advertisements.
  • Having the personnel training and advise during hiring by the main company.
  • Having the advertisement and marketing support of the main company.
  • Having the feasibility analysis support of the main company.
  • Having a constant consultancy and information support of the main company.
  • Taking advantage of the R&D of the main company.

Objectives of Francgising:

  • To see increase in the amount of monthly income.
  • To see %3 - %7 increase in annual sales.
  • To see profit in the first quarter.